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2017 Specialty Annuals

Colorful Seasons will be growing approximately 515 varieties/colors of specialty annuals for Spring 2017  *Subject to Availability

Find our greenhouse list below and more info on the following sites:

PW: Proven Winners -

BFP: BallFloraPlant -


Ageratum - Artist Blue PW
Agertatum - Artist Purple PW
Alternanthera - Red Carpet
Alternanthera - Red Threads BFP
Angelonia - Angelface Blue PW
Angelonia - Angelface Perfectly Pink PW
Angelonia - Angelface Super Blue PW
Angelonia - Angelface White PW
Angelonia - Archangel Blue Bicolor BFP
Angelonia - Archangel Cherry Red BFP
Argyranthemum - Butterfly PW
Argyranthemum - Sassy Compact White
Argyranthemum - Sassy Double Yellow
Argyranthemum - Sassy Pink
Argyranthemum - Sassy Red
Argyranthemum - Vanilla Butterfly PW
Argyranthemum - White Butterfly PW
Bacopa - MegaCopa Blue BFP
Bacopa - MegaCopa Pink BFP
Bacopa - MegaCopa White BFP
Bacopa - Scopia Double Indigo BFP
Bacopa - Scopia Double Snowball BFP
Bacopa - Scopia White BFP
Bacopa - Snowstorm Giant Snowflake PW
Begonia - Dragon Wing Pink PW
Begonia - Dragon Wing Red PW
Begonia - Illumination Lemaon PW
Begonia - Million Kisses Amour BFP
Begonia - Million Kisses Devotion BFP
Begonia - Nonstop Deep Salmon PW
Begonia - Nonstop Joy Yellow PW
Begonia - Nonstop Mocca Bright Orange PW
Begonia - Nonstop Mocca Pink Shades PW
Begonia - Nonstop Mocca Yellow PW
Begonia - Nonstop Orange PW
Begonia - Nonstop Red PW
Begonia - Nonstop Rose Petticoat PW
Begonia - Nonstop White PW
Begonia - On Top Sunset Shade PW
Begonia - Pegasus PW
Bidens - Bee Alive BFP
Bidens - Campfire Fireburst PW
Bidens - Goldilocks Rocks PW
Brachyscome - Amethyst BFP
Brachyscome - Radiant Magenta BFP
Bracteantha - Dreamtime Red Jumbo BFP
Bracteantha - Dreamtime Rose Jumbo BFP
Bracteantha - Dreamtime Wht Pure Jumbo BFP
Bracteantha - Dreamtime Yellow Jumbo BFP
Bridal Veil - White
Calibrachoa - Aloha Kona Cherry Red
Calibrachoa - Aloha Kona Hot Pink
Calibrachoa - Aloha Kona Midnight Blue
Calibrachoa - Aloha Kona Pineapple
Calibrachoa - Candy Bouquet
Calibrachoa - Chameleon Bluerberry Scone
Calibrachoa - Chameleon Cherry Banana
Calibrachoa - Superbells Apricot Punch PW
Calibrachoa - Superbells Blue PW
Calibrachoa - Superbells Cherry Blossom PW
Calibrachoa - Superbells Cherry Star PW
Calibrachoa - Superbells Coralberry Punch PW
Calibrachoa - Superbells Dreamsicle PW
Calibrachoa - Superbells Evening Star PW
Calibrachoa - Superbells Frostfire PW
Calibrachoa - Superbells Grape Punch PW
Calibrachoa - Superbells Hollywood Star PW
Calibrachoa - Superbells Holy Moly PW
Calibrachoa - Superbells Lemon Slice PW
Calibrachoa - Superbells Pink PW
Calibrachoa - Superbells Pomegranate Punch PW
Calibrachoa - Superbells Red Improved PW
Calibrachoa - Superbells Saffron PW
Calibrachoa - Superbells Sweet Tart PW
Calibrachoa - Superbells Tropical Sunrise PW
Calibrachoa - Superbells White PW
Calibrachoa - Superbells Yellow Improved PW
Cassia - Popcorn
Chrysocephalum - Flambe Yellow PW
Cleome - Pequena Rosalita PW
Cleome - Senorita Blanca PW
Cleome - Senorita Rosalita PW
Coleus - Alligator Tears PW
Coleus - Apple Brandy PW
Coleus - Chili Pepper BFP
Coleus - Chipotle BFP
Coleus - Coleosaurus BFP
Coleus - Dipt in Wine PW
Coleus - Electric Lime BFP
Coleus - Fishnet Stockings PW
Coleus - French Quarter BFP
Coleus - Gays Delight PW
Coleus - Henna BFP
Coleus - Indian Summer BFP
Coleus - Inferno BFP
Coleus - Kingswood Torch PW
Coleus - Kong Jr Green Halo BFP
Coleus - Kong Jr Rose BFP
Coleus - Kong Lime Sprite BFP
Coleus - Kong Mosaic BFP
Coleus - Kong Red BFP
Coleus - Kong Scarlet BFP
Coleus - Lime Time PW
Coleus - Limon Blush PW
Coleus - Luminesce
Coleus - Mainstreet Abbey Road
Coleus - Mainstreet Broadstreet
Coleus - Mainstreet Dutch Mill Drive
Coleus - Mainstreet Fifth Avenue
Coleus - Mainstreet Granville Street
Coleus - Mainstreet Michigan Avenue
Coleus - Mainstreet Oxford Street
Coleus - Mainstreet River Walk
Coleus - Mainstreet Rodeo Drive
Coleus - Mainstreet Sunset Boulevard
Coleus - Mainstreet Wall Street
Coleus - Marooned PW
Coleus - Merlins Magic PW
Coleus - Pineapple PW
Coleus - Pink Chaos PW
Coleus - Redhead BFP
Coleus - Religious Radish PW
Coleus - Royal Glissade PW
Coleus - Ruby Slipper BFP
Coleus - Sedona PW
Coleus - Sky Fire PW
Coleus - Spiced Curry BFP
Coleus - Splish Splash PW
Coleus - Trusty Rusty BFP
Coleus - Twist and Twirl PW
Coleus - Velveteen PW
Coleus - Vino BFP
Coleus - Wasabi BFP
Colocasia - Heart Of The Jungle PW
Cuphea - Allyson BFP
Cuphea - Cigar Plant
Cuphea - Lavender Lace PW
Cuphea - Vermillionaire PW
Dahlia - Dahlightful Georgia Peach PW
Dahlia - Dahlightful Sultry Scarlet PW
Dahlia - Goldalia Rose
Dahlia - Goldalia Scarlet
Dahlia - Grande Bonita PW
Dahlia - Grande Cancun PW
Dahlia - Grande Castillo PW
Dahlia - Grande Emilio PW
Dahlia - Grande Mendoza PW
Dahlia - Grande Tampico PW
Dahlia - Midi Corsica PW
Dahlia - Midi Fiji PW
Dahlia - Midi Mariana PW
Dahlia - Mystic Illusion PW
Delospermum - Button up Fire PW
Diascia - Juliet Orange BFP
Diascia - Juliet Pink Light BFP
Diascia - Juliet Red BFP
Diascia - Juliet White BFP
Dichondra - Silver Falls PW
Dorotheanthus - Candy Apple Red
Dorotheanthus - Mezoo Trailing Red
Euphorbia - Breathless Blush BFP
Euphorbia - Diamond Frost PW
Evolvulus - Blue My Mind PW
Fuchsia - Dark Eyes PW
Fuchsia - Swingtime PW
Gaura - Karalee Petite Pink PW
Gaura - Stratosphere White PW
Geraniuim - Classic Mosaic Red
Geranium - Americana Cherry Rose
Geranium - Americana Dark Red
Geranium - Americana Red
Geranium - Americana Salmon
Geranium - Americana Violet
Geranium - Americana White
Geranium - Americana White Splash
Geranium - Calliope Burgundy
Geranium - Calliope Crimson Flame
Geranium - Calliope Dark Red
Geranium - Calliope Hot Pink
Geranium - Calliope Large Pink
Geranium - Calliope Lavender Rose
Geranium - Calliope Scarlet Fire
Geranium - Classic Mosaic Purple
Geranium - Seed Pinto Premium Red Deep
Geranium - Tango Dark Red
Geranium - Tango Deep Pink
Geranium - Tango Deep Red
Geranium - Tango Hot Pink
Geranium - Tango Lavender
Geranium - Tango Neon Purple
Geranium - Tango Orange
Geranium - Tango Rose Mega Splash
Geranium - Tango White
Geranium Ivy - Blizzard Dark Red
Geranium Ivy - Contessa Burgundy
Geranium Ivy - Contessa Burgundy Bicolor
Geranium Ivy - Contessa Lavender
Geranium Ivy - Contessa Red
Geranium Ivy - Freestyle Arctic Red
Geranium Ivy - Freestyle Cherry Rose
Geranium Ivy - Temprano Orange
Geranium Ivy - Temprano Pink
Geranium Ivy - Temprano Salmon
Geranium Scented - Citrodorum
Geranium Scented - Fragrans
Geranium Scented - Lady Plymouth
Geranium Scented - Lemona
Geranium Scented - Orange Fizz
Geranium Specialty - Chocolate
Geranium Specialty - Crystal Palace Salmon
Geranium Specialty - Fireworks Bicolor
Geranium Specialty - Fireworks Pink
Geranium Specialty - Fireworks Scarlet
Geranium Specialty - Fireworks White
Geranium Specialty - Happy Thought
Geranium Specialty - Mrs. Pollock
Geranium Specialty - Occold Shield
Geranium Specialty - Vancouver Centennial
Geranium Specialty - Wilhelm Langguth
Gerbera - EZDazy Mix PW
Glechoma - Hederacea
Gomphrena - Forest Pink PW
Gomphrena - Forest Red PW
Gomphrena - Pinball Purple
Grass - Apache Sky PW
Grass - Blue Mohawk PW
Grass - Cheyenne Sky PW
Grass - Desert Plains PW
Grass - Fiber Optic PW
Grass - Fireworks PW
Grass - Mexican Feather PW
Grass - Millet Jester BFP
Grass - Millet Purple Baron BFP
Grass - Millet Purple Majesty BFP
Grass - Ogon PW
Grass - Overdam PW
Grass - Purple Fountain PW
Grass - Red Bunny Tails PW
Grass - Red Riding Hood PW
Grass - Rubrum
Grass - Sky Rocket PW
Grass - Toffee Twist PW
Grass - Tut Baby PW
Grass - Tut King PW
Grass - Tut Prince PW
Grass - Vertigo PW
Helichrysum - Icicle PW
Helichrysum - Lemon Licorice PW
Helichrysum - Licorice Splash PW
Helichrysum - White Licorice PW
Heliotrope - Atlantis PW
Heliotrope - Marino White BFP
Heuchera - Blackberry Ice PW
Heuchera - Cinnamon Curls PW
Hibiscus - Little Zin BFP
Impatien - Big Bounce Cherry BFP
Impatien - Big Bounce Lavender BFP
Impatien - Big Bounce Lilac BFP
Impatien - Big Bounce Pink BFP
Impatien - Big Bounce Red BFP
Impatien - Big Bounce Violet BFP
Impatien - Big Bounce White BFP
Impatien - Double Fiesta Bonita Pink BFP
Impatien - Double Fiesta Bonita White BFP
Impatien - Double Fiesta Orange Deep BFP
Impatien - Double Fiesta Purple BFP
Impatien - Double Fiesta Sparkler Cherry BFP
Impatien - Double Fiesta Stardust Pink BFP
Impatien - Double Fiesta Sunrise Red BFP
Impatien - New Guinea Celebrette Orange Stripe Ipd BFP
Impatien - New Guinea Celebrette Strawberry Star BFP
Impatien - New Guinea Magnum Blue
Impatien - New Guinea Magnum Clear White
Impatien - New Guinea Magnum Hot Pink
Impatien - New Guinea Magnum Lavender Splash
Impatien - New Guinea Magnum Orange
Impatien - New Guinea Magnum Red
Impatien - New Guinea Magnum Red Flame
Impatien - New Guinea Magnum White Blush
Impatien - New Guinea Magnum Wild Salmon
Impatien - Patchwork Cosmic Burgundy BFP
Impatien - Patchwork Cosmic Orange BFP
Impatien - Patchwork Pink Shades BFP
Impatien - Sunpatien Deep Rose
Impatien - Sunpatien Electric Orange
Impatien - Sunpatien Hot Coral
Impatien - Sunpatien Lilac
Impatien - Sunpatien Neon Pink
Impatien - Sunpatien Red
Impatien - Sunpatien Royal Magenta
Impatien - Sunpatien White Improved
Impatien - SunpatnsComp Coral Hot BFP
Impatien - SunpatnsComp Lilac BFP
Impatien - SunpatnsComp Neon Pink BFP
Impatien - SunpatnsComp Orange Electric BFP
Impatien - SunpatnsComp Orchid BFP
Impatien - SunpatnsComp Red BFP
Impatien - SunpatnsComp Rose Deep BFP
Impatien - SunpatnsComp Rose Tropical BFP
Impatien - SunpatnsComp White BFP
Ipomoea - Black Heart PW
Ipomoea - Garnet Lace PW
Ipomoea - Margarita PW
Ipomoea - Midnight Lace PW
Ipomoea - Sweet Caroline Bewitched Green Envy PW
Ipomoea - Sweet Caroline Light Green PW
Ipomoea - Sweet Caroline Red PW
Ipomoea - Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Lime PW
Ipomoea - Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Red PW
Ipomoea - Tricolor PW
Iresine - Bloodleaf Red
Iresine - Bloodleaf Variegated
Ivy - German Green
Ivy - German Wax Leaf Green
Ivy - German Wax Leaf Variegated
Ivy - Swedish Green
Ivy Hedera - Glacier PW
Ivy Hedera - Patricia PW
Ivy Hedera - Yellow Ripple PW
Lamium - Anne Greenaway BFP
Lamium - Aureum Yellow
Lamium - White Nancy BFP
Lantana - Bandana Cherry Improved PW
Lantana - Evita Red
Lantana - Evita Yellow
Lantana - Landmark White BFP
Lantana - Lucky Lemon Glow BFP
Lantana - Lucky Red BFP
Lantana - Lucky Rose Sunrise BFP
Lantana - Luscious Berry Blend PW
Lantana - Luscious Citrus Blend PW
Lantana - Luscious Marmalade PW
Lantana - New Gold BFP
Lantana - Pink Bird
Lantana - Purple Trailing BFP
Lobelia - Early Springs Lav Pink BFP
Lobelia - Early Springs Magenta BFP
Lobelia - Early Springs White BFP
Lobelia - Laguna Compact Blue W/ Eye PW
Lobelia - Laguna Sky Blue PW
Lobelia - Laguna White PW
Lobelia - Lucia Dark Blue PW
Lobelia - Lucia Ultra Violet PW
Lobularia - Dark Knight PW
Lobularia - White Knight PW
Lophospermum - Lofos Compact Rose
Lophospermum - Lofos Wine Red
Lysimachia - Goldilocks PW
Lysimachia - Walkabout Sunset PW
Manettia - Candy Corn
Mecardonia - Golddust PW
Muehlenbeckia - Wire Vine
Nemesia - Bluebird PW
Nemesia - Compact Innocence PW
Nemesia - Sunsatia Blood Orange PW
Nemesia - Sunsatia Cranberry PW
Nemesia - Sunsatia Lemon PW
Osteospermum - 4D Pink BFP
Osteospermum - 4D Purple BFP
Osteospermum - 4D Violet Ice BFP
Osteospermum - 4D Yellow BFP
Osteospermum - Blue Eyed Beauty BFP
Osteospermum - Lemon Symphony PW
Osteospermum - Orange Symphony PW
Osteospermum - Serenity Bronze BFP
Osteospermum - Serenity Lavender Frost BFP
Osteospermum - Serenity Pink BFP
Osteospermum - Serenity Purple Dark BFP
Osteospermum - Serenity Red BFP
Osteospermum - Serenity Rose Magic BFP
Osteospermum - Serenity White BFP
Osteospermum - Soprano Light Purple PW
Osteospermum - Soprano Purple PW
Oxalis - Charmed Wine PW
Oxalis - Molten Lava PW
Oxalis - Zinfandel PW
Pentas - Butterfly Deep Rose PW
Pentas - Butterfly Red PW
Pentas - Butterfly White PW
Perilla - Magilla Purple BFP
Petchoa - SuperCal Yellow Light BFP
Petunia - Black Magic BFP
Petunia - Cascadias Indian Summer BFP
Petunia - Cha-Ching Cherry BFP
Petunia - Crazytunia Mandevilla
Petunia - Crazytunia Maniac Lilac
Petunia - Crazytunia Maniac Pink
Petunia - Crazytunia Moonstruck
Petunia - Crazytunia Passion Punch
Petunia - Crazytunia Sparky
Petunia - Double Wave Blue Velvet BFP
Petunia - Double Wave Purple BFP
Petunia - Double Wave Red BFP
Petunia - Double Wave Rose BFP
Petunia - Double Wave White BFP
Petunia - Glow Blue Picotee BFP
Petunia - Glow Blue Sky BFP
Petunia - Glow Forest Fire
Petunia - Glow Purple BFP
Petunia - Glow White and Red Vein
Petunia - Headliner Pink Sky BFP
Petunia - Night Sky BFP
Petunia - Pinstripe BFP
Petunia - Potunia Blueberry Muffin
Petunia - Potunia Plus Purple
Petunia - Rhythm and Blues BFP
Petunia - Sun Spun Blue BFP
Petunia - Sun Spun Burgundy BFP
Petunia - Sun Spun Lavender Star BFP
Petunia - Sun Spun Neon Pink BFP
Petunia - Sun Spun Pink Ice BFP
Petunia - Sun Spun Purple Star BFP
Petunia - Sun Spun Raspberry Star BFP
Petunia - Sun Spun White BFP
Petunia - Sun Spun Yellow BFP
Petunia - Supertunia Bermuda Beach PW
Petunia - Supertunia Black Cherry PW
Petunia - Supertunia Bordeaux PW
Petunia - Supertunia Charm Daybreak PW
Petunia - Supertunia Charm Violet Star PW
Petunia - Supertunia Charm Watermelon PW
Petunia - Supertunia Flamingo PW
Petunia - Supertunia Giant Pink PW
Petunia - Supertunia Honey PW
Petunia - Supertunia Limoncello PW
Petunia - Supertunia Mini Appleblossom PW
Petunia - Supertunia Mini Blue Vein PW
Petunia - Supertunia Mini Bright Pink PW
Petunia - Supertunia Mini Strawberry Pink PW
Petunia - Supertunia Pretty Much Picasso PW
Petunia - Supertunia Raspberry Blast PW
Petunia - Supertunia Really Red PW
Petunia - Supertunia Royal Magenta PW
Petunia - Supertunia Royal Velvet PW
Petunia - Supertunia Vist Silverberry PW
Petunia - Supertunia Vista Bubblegum PW
Petunia - Supertunia Vista Fuchsia Improved PW
Petunia - Supertunia White PW
Petunia - Surfinia Deep Red PW
Petunia - Surfinia Red PW
Petunia - Surfinia Sky Blue PW
Petunia - Surprise Moonlight Bay
Petunia - Sweetunia Hot Rod Red
Petunia - Sweetunia Miss Marvel
Petunia - Sweetunia Orange Flash
Petunia - Sweetunia Suzie Storm
Phlox - Intensia Blueberry PW
Phlox - Intensia Cabernet PW
Phlox - Intensia Orchid Blast PW
Phlox - Intensia White PW
Plectranthus - Candle Vine
Plectranthus - Cerveza N Lime PW
Plectranthus - Nicolleta BFP
Portulaca - Mojave Fuchsia PW
Portulaca - Mojave Red PW
Portulaca - Mojave Tangerine PW
Portulaca - Mojave Yellow PW
Rhoeo - Tricolor
Ruellia - Purple Showers
Salvia - Ablazin Tabasco PW
Salvia - Black & Blue PW
Salvia - Golden Delicious PW
Salvia - Tricolor
Scaevola - New Wonder PW
Scaevola - Whirlwind White PW
Sedum - Lemon Coral PW
Setcreasea - Purple Heart
Spike - Cordyline Red Sensation
Spike - Traditional Green
Sprengeri - Asparagus
Strobilanthes - Persian Shield PW
Talinum - Limon BFP
Thunbergia - African Sunset
Thunbergia - Arizona Dark Red
Thunbergia - Arizona Glow
Thunbergia - Arizona Terracota
Thunbergia - Lemon
Thunbergia - Orange Beauty
Thunbergia - Sunny Susy Red Orange
Thunbergia - Sunny Susy White Black Eye
Torenia - Catalina Pink PW
Torenia - Moon Blue
Torenia - Moon Purple
Torenia - Moon Yellow
Tradescantia - Wandering Jew Purple
Verbena - Aztec Blue Velvet BFP
Verbena - Aztec Burgundy Wink BFP
Verbena - Aztec Magic Magenta BFP
Verbena - Aztec Magic Orchid BFP
Verbena - Aztec Magic Plum BFP
Verbena - Aztec Magic Purple BFP
Verbena - Aztec Red Dark BFP
Verbena - Aztec Violet Wink BFP
Verbena - Aztec White BFP
Verbena - Aztec Wild Rose BFP
Verbena - Lanai Candy Cane
Verbena - Lanai Purple Star
Verbena - Meteor Shower PW
Verbena - Superbena Burgundy PW
Verbena - Superbena Dark Blue PW
Verbena - Superbena Royale Cherryburst PW
Verbena - Superbena Royale Iced Cherry
Verbena - Superbena Royale Peachy Keen Imp PW
Verbena - Superbena Royale Plum Wine
Verbena - Superbena Royale Whitecap PW
Verbena - Superbena Sparking Ruby PW
Verbena - Superbena Sparkling Amethyst PW
Verbena - Tukana Scarlet Star PW
Vinca - Cora Cascade Mix PW
Vinca Vine - Expoflora
Vinca Vine - Maculata
Vinca Vine - Wojo's Gem
Zinnia - Sweet Tooth Candy Cane PW
Zinnia - Sweet Tooth Candy Corn PW