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CrabApple Trees

Nursery – CrabApple Trees

We carry a large selection of flowering crab trees for that peak spring color! Many bare fruit and also retain their fruit throughout the winter, adding interest to your landscape, as well as attracting birds.



Below is a general listing of Nursery products that we will carry in 2017. PDF version here: 2017 NURSERY PRICES-PDF
Many more varieties become available throughout the season. Please call or stop in to check out our complete selection.

2017 Flowering Crab Price List


Pink Spires Crab
Malus ‘Pink Spires’
Height: 15-20’ Flower: Lavender-Pink
Spread: 12’ Fruit: Purplish-Red, Persistant
Shape: Rounded
Red-purplish foliage in spring, green-bronze in summer.
An excellent, hardy, rosy-bloom crab.
6’ – $82.95

Purple Prince Crab
Malus ‘ Purple Prince’
Height: 20’ Flower: Single, red
Spread: 20’ Fruit: Maroon
Shape: Rounded
Outstanding rose-red blossoms and maroon fruits. The
purple-bronze foliage and bright flowers rival ‘Liset’.
Matures quickly as a young tree. Excellent resistance
to scab, fireblight and cedar-apple rust.
6’ – $87.95
#7 – $138.95

Prairie Fire Crab
Malus ‘Prairifire’
Height: 15-20’ Flower: Single red-purple
Spread: 20’ Fruit: Maroon
This crab tree blooms later than most crabs in the
spring. Very disease resistant and nice foliage.
Fruit does not drop.
6’ – $82.95

Profusion Crab
Malus ‘Profusion’
Height: 15-20’ Flower: Purple
Spread: 30’ red with pink center
Shape: Rounded Fruit: Oxblood Red
Noted for its abundant flowers. Bronze-green foliage.
Small tree. Excellent disease resistance.
6’ – N/A

Red Barron Crab
Malus ‘Red Barron’
Height: 12-15’ Flower: Red
Spread: 5-6’ Fruit: Red
Shape: Narrow
This crab is uniquely columnar in form at a
young age, then matures to a more rounded
shape. The foliage is purple fading to bronze-gr.
6’ – $82.95

Red Splendor Crab
Malus ‘Red Splendor’
Height: 20-25’ Flower: Pink
Spread: 20’ Fruit: Br. Red
Shape: Open, upright, spreading
Pink flowers, bright red fruit that never falls off
tree. Reddish green, glossy foliage.
6’ – $82.95
#7 – $109.95

Royal Raindrops Crab
Malus ‘Royal Raindrops’
Height: 20’ Flower: Pink
Spread: 15’ Fruit: Red
Shape: Upright spreading
Abundant magenta-pink flowers stand out beautiful
against reddish-purple, cutleaf foliage.
6’ – $88.95

Ruby Tears Crab
Malus ‘Bailears’
Height: 8-10’ Flower: Pink
Spread: 12-15’ Fruit: Dk. Red
Shape: Weeping
Naturally weeping form with burgundy-green
foliage much like Prairie Fire. Pink single flowers.
#42682 5’ – $107.95

Show Time Crab
Malus ‘Shtizam’
Height: 25’ Flower: Fuschia red
Spread: 15-20’ Fruit: Red ½”
Shape: Oval to round
Vivid fuschia pink flowers are abundantly produced in
spring and boldy stand out against the dark foliage.
Brilliant cherry red fruit maturing to ½” size in fall.
6’ – $87.95

Spring Snow Crab
Malus ‘Springsnow’
Height: 25-30’ Flower: White
Spread: 15’ Fruit: none
Shape: Rounded
White flowers and bright shiny green leaves.
Very fragrant. Showy golden brown bark.
4’ – $70.95
#5 – $90.95
#10 – $172.95