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Specialty Shrubs and Trees

Nursery – Specialty  Shrubs and Trees

Specialty shrubs and trees provide interest throughout the growing season with flowers, foliage, fruit and beautiful fall colors. They can be single or multi-stemmed and their compact size is great for smaller gardens, off patios or near an entrance in the landscape.

Below is a general listing of Nursery products that we will carry in 2017. PDF version here: 2017 NURSERY PRICES-PDF
Many more varieties become available throughout the season. Please call or stop in to check out our complete selection.

2017 Specialty Tree Price List

Walker Weeping Caragana Tree
Caragana arborescens ‘Walker’
Height: Standard Flower: Light Gr.
Shape: 3-5’, Weeping Foliage: Variable Yellow
Fall Color: Yellow Light: S, LS
Attractive finely textured weeping foliage, yellow
pea-like flowers in spring. This tree is an excellent
accent plant for the home landscape.
#7 – $175.95

Pagoda Dogwood Tree
Pagoda Dogwood Tree Zone: 3-7
Cornus alternifolia
Height: 15-20’ Flower: Yellow
Shape: Horizontal Foliage: Green
Fall Color: Maroon red Light: S, PS
This graceful tree has pale yellow flowers in May, followed
by blue-black fruit, the leaves turn a beautiful maroon red
in the fall.
#7 – $109.95

Limelight Hydrangea Tree
Hydrangea Paniculata
Height: 6-8’ Flower: Lime white
Shape: Round Foliage: Green
Adds a brightness to the landscape! Lime green
flowers that turn shades of pink burgundy and
green in fall.
4’ – $99.95
#7 – $149.95

Pee Gee Hydrangea Tree
Hydrangea paniculata ‘Grandiflora’
Height: 8’ Flower: White
Shape: Round Foliage: Deep Green
Pee Gee Hydrangea trained to a single stem with a
head. Blooms July and August. Very showy, large
conical white flowers which change to pink bronze
towards autumn. Flower heads dry easily when cut,
for use in winter arrangements.
4’ – $92.95

Pinky Winky Hydrangea Tree
Hydrangea paniculata ‘DVPpinky’
Height: 6-8’ Flower: Pink
Shape: Rounded Foliage: Green
Spread: 6-8’ Light: S
Perfect for smaller gardens &beds. Up to fourteen
inch blooms are the norm for this tree. Beautiful!
43′ – 89.95

Quick Fire Hydrangea Tree
Hydrangea Paniculata
Height:6-8’ Flower: Cream-pink
Shape: Round Foliage:Green
Spread: 8-10’ Light: S
Incredible large cream flowers that turn to a rich
pink. Makes a great focal point.
4’ – $92.95

Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea Tree
Hydrangea paniculata ‘Renhy’
Height: 6-7’ Flower: Red-pink
Shape: Upright Foliage: Med gr.
Spread: 4-5’ Light: S, PS
This tree is perfect for small landscapes or gardens.
Enormous creamy white, changing to pink and then
to strawberry red! Very upright stems becoming
cascading in the season. Excellent for fresh cut and
dried arrangements.
4’ – $99.95

Dwf. Korean Lilac Tree
Syringa meyeri ‘Paliban’
Height: Standard Flower: Purple
Spread: 5-6’ Foliage: Deep Gr.
Shape: globe Light: S
Tree form with small round leaves. Fragrant
purple violet flowers in late May and early June.
#10-4’ – $248.95

Magnolia Ann Tree
Magnolia x ‘Ann’
Height: 8-10’ Flower: Red-purple
Spread: 10’ Foliage: Med. Gr.
Shape: Upright Light: S
A beautiful tree that blooms mid April-mid May. It
has lightly scented red-purple 7-9” flowers that emerge
from beautifully tapered buds. Best grown in normal
garden soil and full sun.
#10CL – $154.95

Royal Star Magnolia
Magnolia kobus var. stellata
Height: 8-10’ Flower: White
Shape: Rounded Foliage: Deep green
Spread: 8-10’ Light: S
This hardy Japanese magnolia remains among the
most popular. In Spring, its pink buds open to double
white fragrant flowers of 25-30 petals, 3-4 inches in
diameter. An upright and densely branched plant,
it has dark green foliage that shifts to bronze in fall.
#10 – $154.95

Amber Jubilee Ninebark Tree
Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Jefam’
Height: 5-6’ Flower: White
Shape: compact Foliage: O-Y-Gold
Spread: 3-4’ Light: S
A bold array of orange, yellow and gold foliage stands
out like a focal point with this tree. Delicate white blooms
in spring. Foliage turns more reds and purple in fall.
#7 – $151.95

Summer Wine Ninebark Tree
Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Seward’
Height: 5-6’ Flower: White
Shape: Upright-rounded Foliage: Dk. Gr.
Fall Color: Purple-red Light: S
Beautiful wine colored specimen tree! In
June white flowers appear. A bold accent plant for
any landscape or garden.
#7 – $151.95

Double Flowering Plum Tree
Prunus triloba
Height: 10-12’ Flower: Dbl. Pink
Shape: Rounded Foliage: Green
Fall Color: Gold Light: S
A handsome hardy small tree. Produces a profusion
of pink flowers in April and May.
#7 – $114.95

Nishiki Willow Tree
Salix integra ‘Hakura Nishiki’
Height: 5-6’ Width: 5-6’
A very graceful willow. A fabulous accent plant
for the border or in a container. Topped with pink
stems that open to dappled green, pink & white
3.5’ – N.A.

Weeping Pussy Willow (Standard)
Salix caprea ‘Pendula’
Height: 5-6’ Foliage: Green
Spread: 5-8’ Fall: Insignificant
Shape: weeping
A strongly weeping form of pussy willow on a
standard, this tree is perfect use for accent or
specimen plant. Large silky catkins in spring.
#5 – $102.95

2017 Iseli Specialty Evergreen Shrub and Tree Price List


Fat Cat Spruce
Picea abies ‘Fat Cat’
Height: 4’ Shape: Globe
Width: 4’ Foliage: Green
Very uniformly globose. It has very short, stiff
needles and short shoots that give it the appearance
of a rotund, green cat, curled up in a ball for a
snooze. Extremely hardy, reliable and slow growing.
This kitty creates a presence in the landscape, but
don’t try to pet its “fur.”
#3 – $49.95

Pusch Spruce
Picea abies ‘Pusch’
Height: 2’ Shape: Globe-Broad shape
Width: 3’ Foliage: Green
Named collector’s conifer of the year in 2008, this small
slow growing Norway Spruce, a witch’s broom from
‘Acrocona,’ produces loads of bright red cones on many
short shoots in spring. The tiny cones brown as they age,
but continues to decorate the irregular evergreen year round,
globe shape when young, developing an upright broad shape
at maturity. Extremely hardy.
#3 – $66.95

St. Mary’s Broom Spruce
Picea pungens ‘St. Mary’s Broom’
Height: 1’ Shape: Spreading
Width: 2’ Foliage: Blue
A dwarf, blue, bun-shaped selection, this slow-growing
plant has relatively long, widely-angled needles. It reliably
maintains a mounding or globose habit, without any tendency
to develop a leader.
#3 – $80.95

‘Nana Aurescens’ Yew
Taxus cuspidate ‘Nana Aurescens’
Height: 4’ Shape: Spreading
Width: 8’ Foliage: Yellow
New growth on this low growing Japanese Yew
bursts a brilliant golden color, then the plant turns
green. Each year the new growth makes a dramatic
splash of color when it emerges. Protect from
scorching summer sun.
#3 – $64.95

Golden Tuffet Arborvitae
Thuja occidentalis ‘Golden Tuffet’
Height: 3’ Shape: Globe
Width: 4’ Foliage: Golden/orange
A pillow shape evergreen that grows wider than tall,
reminiscent of a mushroom cap. The golden orange
foliage has an unusual braided texture sure to invite
closer inspection. Hardy, durable and adaptable to all
soil types and tolerates full sun to part shade.
#3 – $33.95

‘Pendula’ Hemlock
Tsuga canadensis’Pendula’
Height: 4-5’ Shape: Weeping
Width: 8-10’ Foliage: Green
A popular weeping form, widely known and used,
especially when it is staked to develop height and
character. Pendulous branches form a thick exterior
“shell” of foliage that covers the plants interior.
#6 – $157.95


‘Bushes Lace’ Spruce
Picea engelmannii ‘Bushes Lace’
Height: 25’ Shape: Narrow Upright
Width: 6’ Foliage: Blue
This variety is vigorous growing with a strong central leader,
its branches extend out before drooping downward. Unique in
that, although the branching is a bit irregular, it still makes a
stately presence in the garden or landscape. Adapts to deal
with extreme winds and cold. Zone: 3
#6 – $142.95

‘Pendula’ Weeping Spruce
Picea glauca ‘Pendula’
Height: 15’ Shape: Narrow Upright
Width: 4’ Foliage: Bluish-Green
This outstanding weeping selection, with its distinctive
formal, narrow, conical shape and pendulous, stiffly held,
drooping branches and loads of light, gray-green foliage
make this variety an elegant, dramatic conifer in the landscape!
Zone: 2
#6 – $162.9

‘Bonny Blue’ Spruce
Picea glauca ‘Pendula’
Height: 15’ Shape: Narrow Upright
Width: 4’ Foliage: Bluish-Green
This outstanding weeping selection, with its distinctive
formal, narrow, conical shape and pendulous, stiffly held,
drooping branches and loads of light, gray-green foliage
make this variety an elegant, dramatic conifer in the landscape!
Zone: 2
#6 – $162.95

Sester Dwarf Spruce
Picea pungens’Sester Dwarf’
Height: 6’ Shape: Upright
Width: 4’ Foliage: Blue
An ideal spruce with its stunning blue color, slow
growth rate, and conical shape make this plant
ideal for the modern landscape. Best in full sun.
Zone: 2
#10 – $237.95

‘Algonquin Pillar’ Pine
Pinus cembra ‘Algonquin Pillar’
Height: 20’ Shape: Narrow Upright
Width: 10’ Foliage: Bluish-Green
This narrow upright selection has long, two-toned needles
that twist and weave together to form lustrous branches. It
is extremely hardy and needs little pruning to maintain a large,
but slender stature. With its slower growth, it fits in many
positions and stays in scale.
3-4’ – $199.95

‘Westerstede’ Pine
Pinus cembra ‘Westerstede’
Height: 12’ Shape: Broad Upright
Width: 8’ Foliage: Bluish-Green
This beautiful pine represents the finest in hardy garden
conifers. Long, luxurious needles give the small, upright
tree a full, fluffy look. It has graceful branching, attractive
color and striking cones that offer year-round interest and
character in a small space. Zone: 3
3-4’ – $204.95

‘Angel Falls’ Pine
Pinus Strobus ‘Angel Falls’
Height: 10+ Shape: Upright
Width: 4’+ Foliage: Green
This slow growing tree has very long, very narrow,
light green needles and a strong weeping habit. It
develops graceful draping forms that combine a tall,
narrow stature with broad, flowing skirt. Named
for the worlds tallest waterfall. Zone: 3
#6 – $175.95