Nursery – Evergreen

Evergreens are a constant factor in any landscape design, providing color and retaining their needles throughout the year creating winter interest! They also provide screens, wind blocks and can be planted as specimens in the landscape.

An evergreen is a tree that keeps it’s needles all year long. There are many varieties of evergreens. Some examples of evergreens are Black Hills Spruce, Colorado Spruce, Austrian Pine, White Pine, and more.

Below is a subject to availability listing of Evergreen Trees that we will carry in 2019
PDF version here: 2019 NURSERY PRICES

Many more varieties become available throughout the season. Please call or stop in to check out our complete selection.

fastigata spruce




2019 Evergreen Trees Price List



Austrian Pine        zone: 4-7
Pinus nigra
Height: 50’     Shape: Upright
Darkest green of all the pines. Heavy, long needle
with strong “Northwoods” fragrance. Vigorous,
dense grower. Tolerates heat, cold, and adverse
#5 – $67.95

Eastern White Pine      zone: 3-8
Pinus Strobus
Height: 50-80’      Shape: Upright
Fast growing pine with beautiful open growth.
Has blu-ish green needles and tolerates shade better
than other pines. Plant in a protected area.
#5 – $77.95

Tannenbaum Pine (Iseli) Zone: 2
Pinus cembra ‘Tannenbaum’
Height: 15′ Shape: Broad upright
Width: 12′ Foliage: Green
Foliage is rich green with a hint of gray/blue,
even during the winter months. This perfectly
shaped tree displays good habit, hardiness and
adapts to a wide range of conditions.
3-4′ – $274.95

Westerstede Pine (Iseli)  
Pinus cembra ‘Westerstede’
Height: 12′        Shape: Broad Upright
Width: 8′           Foliage: Bluish-green
Long luxurious needles give the tree a full
fluffy appearance. Graceful branching,
attractive color and striking cones that offer
year round interest and character in a small
3-4′ – $222.95


Avatar Blue Spruce (Iseli) Zone: 2
Picea pungens ‘Avatar’
Height: 20′ Shape: Upright
Width: 15′ Foliage: Blue
A classic Colorado Blue Spruce with lush blue
foliage that is especially striking in the
spring as the needles emerge as soft blue
powder puffs. Very hardy.
#10 – $239.95

Baby Blue Spruce zone: 3-7
Picea pungens glauca ‘Baby Blue’
Height: 35-45′ Shape: Upright
Width: 10-20′ Foliage: Blue
“New” with remarkable color reliability. Even
vibrant blue foliage, intensifying with age.
Very uniform and compact habit. Somewhat
more slender than Colorado Blue Spruce.
#1 – $24.95

Black Hills Spruce       zone: 3-6
Picea glauca densata
Height: 35-45’      Shape: Upright
Width: 20-30’       Foliage: Dark green
Slow growing native of the Black Hills with a
compact, dense habit and bright to dark green.
#1 – $24.95
#5 – $74.95
#10 – $212.95

Bonny Blue Spruce       zone: 2
Picea pungens ‘Bonny Blue’
Height: 25’        Shape: Broad Upright
Width: 15’         Foliage: Blue
Attractive cultivar with short, narrow, bright blue
needles that are closely arranged with an angle that
is acute to the stem. Slower growing when young,
then matures into a large, formal specimen.
3-4′ – $222.95
#6 –  $132.95

Fat Albert Spruce        zone: 3-7
Picea pungens ‘Fat Albert’
Height: 15’         Shape: Upright
Width: 8-10’      Foliage: Blue
A truly blue spruce. Slow growing and ideal for
areas that you don’t want a tree 60’ tall. Nice!
#6 – $132.95
3-4′ – $202.95

Colorado Blue Spruce       zone: 3-7
Picea pungens ‘Glauca’
Height: 40-60’      Shape: Upright
Width: 15-20’       Foliage: Bl.
Broad dense tree with pyramidal shape. Horizontal
stiff branches with sharp needles.
#5 – $99.95

Iseli Fastigiate Spruce  (Iseli)      zone: 2
Picea pungens ‘Iseli Fastigiate’
Height: 15’ Shape: Narrow Upright
Width: 4’
Foliage: Blue
A strongly fastigiate habit and excellent blue
foliage make this an ideal blue accent or focal
point where space is a consideration. Full sun.
3-4′ – $224.95

Norway Spruce      zone: 3-6
Picea pungens
Height: 40-80’    Shape: Upright
Width: 25-30’     Foliage: Green
The largest and fastest growing of the spruces. Large
Cones are attractive as Christmas ornaments.
#5 – $67.95

Pendula Weeping Spruce (Iseli)   zone: 2
Picea glauca ‘Pendula’
Height: 15’    Shape: Narrow Upright
Width: 4′       Foliage: Bluish-green
This outstanding weeping selection, with its distinctive
formal, narrow, conical shape and pendulous, stiffly held,
drooping branches and loads of light, gray-green foliage
make this variety an elegant, dramatic conifer in the landscape!
#6 – $169.95

Sester Dwf. Spruce (Iseli) zone: 2
Picea pungens ‘Sester Dwarf’
Height: 6’     Shape: Upright
Width: 4’      Foliage: Blue
An ideal spruce with its stunning blue color, slow
growth rate, and conical shape make this plant ideal
for the modern landscape. Best in full sun.
#10 – $259.95