Nursery – Shade Trees Below is a subject to availability listing of Shade Trees that we will carry in 2020
PDF version with info, prices and pictures here: 2020 Crab-Shade Trees
Many more varieties become available throughout the season. Please call or stop in to check out our complete selection.

Varieties that have (W.L.) by them are on a wait list.

See pictures below for some examples of shade trees.

Acer Emerald Lustre
Whitespire Birch Clump




Heritage Birch         zone: 4-8
Betula nigra ‘Cully’
Height: 45-50’           Foliage: Green
Spread: 30-35’           Fall: Golden yellow
Shape: Oval
Lighter bark color than river birch, ranging from tan to
creamy white to parchment white. Vigorous grower.
Tolerates wet, poorly drained soils. Exfoliating bark.
5’cl – $120.95
#20-6’cl – $277.95 Whitespire Birch Clump       zone: 4-7
Betula platyphylla ‘Whitespire’
Height: 30-40’           Foliage: Deep green
Spread: 20-25’
Shape: pyramidal      Fall: Yellow
The most permanent and desirable of all the white-
barked birches. Very hardy. A perfect chalk-white
when older. Clumps of (3) or more stems.
6’cl –         $117.95
#10-6’cl – $197.95
#20-6’cl    $264.95


Cathedral Elm        zone: 4-7
Ulmus ‘Cathedral’
Height: 40-50’           Foliage: Lt. Green
Spread: 40-60’          Fall: Yellow
Shape: Vase shape
This elm has larger leaves and growth habit. Fall
color is a golden yellow. A tough tree for the landscape.                                                                                                           N.A. Princeton American Elm      zone: 4-9
Ulmus ‘Americana Princeton’ Elm
Height: 60-80’           Foliage: Green
Spread: 40-60’          Fall: Yellow
Shape: Upright
Fast growing, graceful & symmetrical branching.                                                                                                                   #10 – $215.95 St. Croix Elm Zone: 3-6
Ulmus Americana ‘St. Croix’
Height: 60-75′ Foliage: Dark green
Spread: 70-90 Fall: Yellow
Shape: Vase shape
A grand vase shaped habit and an open, spreading
canopy. Summer foliage is dark green with yellow
fall foliage. Well loved shade tree.                                                                                                                                                 N.A.


Autumn Gold Ginkgo        zone: 4-9
Ginkgo biloba ‘Autumn Gold’
Height: 35-50’            Foliage: Green
Spread: 30’                 Fall: Yellow
Shape: Upright
A male selection of Ginkgo with symmetrical
conical form, turning broader with age. Turns a
brilliant golden yellow fall color. Nice shade tree.
#10 – $342.95


Common Hackberry        zone: 2-7
Celtis Occidentalis
Height: 50-75’          Foliage: Green
Spread: 50’               Fall: Soft Yellow
Shape: Rounded
Moderate to rapid grower, adaptable to extreme
conditions, drought and windy locations. Corky
bark and rough in texture
#10 – $169.95


Toba Hawthorn       zone: 3-7
Crategus mordensis ‘Toba’
Height: 12-15’          Flower: Pink-white
Spread: 12’               Foliage: Glossy
Fall Color: Insignificant Light: S
This tree bears fragrant, large, double white flowers that
turn to pink, glossy foliage with red fruit. Twisty trunk.                                                                                                                N.A.


Ivory Silk Lilac Tree    

zone: 3-8
Syringa reticulata ‘Ivory Silk’
Height: 25’                Foliage: Green
Spread: 15’
Shape: Oval               Fall: Gold/Green                                                                                                                                   This beautiful tree produces large creamy white                                                                                                                          flower clusters in early July. More compact oval                                                                                                                          growth habit with cherry like bark. Best in full sun.
#25- $338.95


Greenspire Linden       zone: 4-7
Tilia Cordata ‘Greenspire’
Height: 40-50’          Foliage: Green
Spread: 30-35’         Fall: Yellow
Shape: Oval
Very suitable for street planting, straight trunk,
rich foliage and fragrant pale yellow flowers.
#10 – $212.95 Redmond Linden        zone: 4-8
Tilia Americana ‘Redmond’
Height: 40-60’          Foliage: Green
Spread: 25-30’         Fall: Br. Yellow
Shape: Pyramidal
Redmond has the largest leaves of the lindens. The
foliage is glossy green with bright yellow fall color.
#10 – $220.95


American Larch           zone: 2-5
Larix laricina
Height: 40-80’        Foliage: Green
Spread: 15-30’       Fall: Yellow
Shape: Open, pyramidal
Also know as Tamarack. Drooping branches.
Green needles turn yellow and then fall off in fall.
Likes moist, well drained, acidic soils.
#10 – $197.95                Not avail. until August


Sunburst Honeylocust       zone: 4-7
Gleditsia triacanthos ‘Suncole’
Height: 35’              Foliage: Br.
Spread: 30-35’ Golden-Bronze
Shape: Irregularly Rounded
Foliage emerges a bright golden-bronze and
fades to green as it matures. Thornless & seedless.
6′ – $129.95


Autumn Blaze Maple       zone: 4-7
Acer freemanii ‘Jeffersred’
Height: 50-60’      Foliage: Gr.
Spread: 40’           Fall: Org-Red
Shape: Dense oval head
Hybrid of silver and red maple with ascending
branches, rapid growth, drought tolerance,
ability to grow in moist soils. Beautiful fall color
6’ – $128.95
1″ – $158.95
#10 – $202.95
#25-1.75” – $394.95 Emerald Lustre Maple       zone: 4-7
Acer platanoides ‘Pond’
Height: 50-60’      Foliage: Green
Spread: 50-60’     Fall: Yellow
Shape: Upright
Outstanding branching habit, hardiness and vigor.
Early foliage displays an attractive red tinge
before maturing to glossy green leaves.
1″ – $138.95 Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple      zone: 3-7
Acer saccharum ‘Bailsta’
Height: 50-75’      Foliage: Glossy
Spread: 50’           Fall: Orange, Red
Shape: Upright Yellow
Fast growing.Very easy to transplant, resistant to sunscald
and frost cracks. More colors than other Sugar Maples.
#10 – $230.95 Fire Fall Maple       zone: 4-7
Acer freemanii ‘AF’
Height: 40-60’       Foliage: Green
Spread: 30-40’      Fall: Or.-Scarlet
Shape: Upright-Oval
This selection is male, does not produce seeds!
U of M introduction. Green foliage in Summer
turning bright orange to scarlet in Fall.
1.25″ – $161.95
#10 –   $199.95 Matador Maple *First Editions     zone: 4-7
Acer x freemanii ‘Bailston’
Height: 40-50’      Foliage: Green
Spread: 20-40’     Fall: Deep red- orange
Shape: Upright, oval red
Provides soothing shade in the summer and extends
the fall season with later fall color than other maples.
Its red color is more consistent and deeper color!
1″ – $161.95
#10-6′ – $215.95 Princeton Gold Maple       4-7
Acer platanoides ‘Princeton Gold’
Height: 45’            Foliage: Golden
Spread: 40’           Fall: Yellow
Shape: Oval
This tree makes a stunning accent plant in the landscape.
bright golden yellow foliage in summer really attracts
attention! Good shaped tree.
#10 – $215.95 Royal Red Maple       zone: 4-7
Acer platanoides ‘Royal Red’
Height: 35-40’               Foliage: Br. Red
Spread: 25’ Glossy
Shape: Broadly Oval   Fall: Yellow, brown
An improved form of Crimson King type of Norway
Maple. Straight trunk and well shaped head.
1″ –  $149.95
#10 – $239.95 Rubrum Northwood Maple      zone: 3-8
Acer rubrum ‘ Northwood’
Height: 50’           Foliage: Dk. Gr.
Spread: 35’          Fall: Bright Or.-red
Shape: Round/Oval
Introduced from the U of M in 1980, very hardy tree.
Round to oval form. Nice shade tree with dark green
foliage and orange, russet red in fall.
1″ – $160.95 Rubrum Red Sunset Maple       zone: 4-7
Acer rubrum ‘Franksred’
Height: 50’            Foliage: Green
Spread: 30-40’      Fall: Brilliant
Shape: Upright, Dense Scarlet or Yellow
Outstanding red maple with brilliant red autumn color
that retains longer than other rubrums. Great for street
and lawn use. Thick foliage and dense.
1” –   $163.95
#25- $388.95 Sienna Glen Maple        zone: 3-7
Acer freemanii ‘Sienna’
Height: 60’             Foliage: Green
Spread: 40’            Fall: Burgundy red
Shape: Pyramidal
Excellent branching habit and vigorous grower.
Excellent winter hardiness- even more so than
autumn Blaze. Red/burgundy fall color.
#10 – $202.95 Silver Queen Maple       zone: 3-9
Acer saccharinum ‘Silver Queen’
Height: 50′       Foliage: gr.,silver beneath
Spread: 40’      Fall: Golden
Shape: Oval
A vigorous selection of silver maple with upright                                                                                                                      growth, bright green leaves with silver underside                                                                                                                       6’ – $97.95 Variegated Maple        zone: 4-7
Acer platanoides ‘Variegatum’
Height: 50-60’        Foliage: Green/White
Spread: 40-50’       Fall: Golden Yellow
Shape: Upright,Rounded
A dense shade tree, its known for its straight trunk
and well-shaped crown. Most notably for its variegated
#10 – $186.95


European Mt. Ash      zone: 2-7
Sorbus aucuparia
Height: 20-30’                  Foliage: Clear
Spread: 20-25’ Deep Green
Shape: Upright, round   Fall: Red
A valuable ornamental tree with showy orange
red fruits, August-September. Needs good drainage.
1″ – $123.95


Northern Red Oak       zone: 3-8
Quercus Ellipsoidalis
Height: 60’-80’         Foliage: Green
Spread: 50’               Fall: Red-red brown
Shape: Rounded
The fastest growing oak and one of the easiest to
transplant, this tree is great for street or yard use.
Dense foliage, lustrous leaves that hang on the tree
in winter
#10 – $239.95 Majestic Skies Oak       zone: 3-6
Quercus rubra
Height: 60-80’          Foliage: Dk. Green
Spread: 50’               Fall: red to brown
Shape: Round
The fastest growing oak and one of the easiest to
transplant. Great for street use or landscape tree.
The leaves hang on the tree in winter.
#10 – $259.95 White Oak       zone: 3-9
Quercus alba
Height: 60-80’         Foliage: Green
Spread: 60-80’        Fall: Purple red
Shape: Round
The white oak is strong, disease resistant and drought
tolerant. The foliage is deep green above and white
#10 – $239.95


Robusta Poplar       zone: 3-9
Populus canadensis ‘Robusta’
Height: 40-60’          Foliage: Gr.
Spread: 30-40’         Fall: Insig.
Shape: Broad, Oval
Cottonless cottonwood, fast growing, seedless,
well suited to moderate and arid conditions.
1” – $106.95


Autumn Blaze Pear       zone: 4-8
Pyrus calleryana ‘Autumn Blaze’
Height: 35’                Foliage: Green
Spread: 20’               Fall: Red
Shape: Pyramidal, round
Distinct rounded form with white flowers in the
spring. Dark glossy green foliage and good
red fall color.
6′ – $106.95


Golden Curls Willow       zone: 4-8
Salix ‘Golden Curls’
Height: 30-40’          Foliage: Bright Gr.
Spread: 20-25’         Fall: Yellow
Shape: Irregular
This medium sized tree has unique twisted branches
& leaves that make it an interesting conversation
piece. Fast growing, it prefers moist sites. Golden
bark in winter.
1” – $101.95 Niobe Weeping Willow      zone: 4-8
Salix alba ‘Tristis’
Height: 50’                    Foliage: Bright green
Spread: 50’
Shape: Wide spread   Fall: Yellow
Fast growing, golden barked with long golden
drooping branches. Graceful. Likes moist areas.
6’ – $94.95