Nursery – Small Fruits

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2020 SMALL FRUITS Price List


2yr. #1 – 12/$20.95  25/$38.95  Zone: 3-7

JERSEY KNIGHT – A marked improvement over ‘Mary Washington’ with a much higher percent of male plants which produce larger spears.

PURPLE PASSION – Tender spears are a beautiful deep burgundy in color. More tender, mild and sweet than standard varieties. Vigorous and productive, producing spears ready for harvesting a year earlier than most varieties.

SWEET PURPLE – Deep burgundy spears, larger and more tender than the green varieties, have a mild nutty flavor when cooked. ‘Sweet Purple’ has a higher sugar content making the spears sweeter
and can also be enjoyed eaten raw.


#1 – $25.95  Zone: 3-7
Generally self-fruitful however, when two are together, cross pollination produces fruit that ripens earlier and larger.

CHIPPEWA – A sweet berry with a more up-right growth habit. High yields. Large dark blue fruit and good blueberry flavor! Height of 30-40”, turns bright red in fall. U of M introduction.

NORTH COUNTRY – A good pollinizer for North Blue. Acidic soil needed. Flavor is sweet and mild. Fruit is ½” in diam. Partially self-fruitful. U of M introduction.

POLARIS – A very aromatic, firm berry with excellent flavor. Fruit stores up to 6-8 weeks. Height 30-40”. Must be pollinated by another blueberry. Ripens: Mid July


#1 – $29.95

BETA – Blue-black, excellent for juice or jelly. Very cold hardy and disease resistant. U of M Introduction. Ripens: Mid-Sept.

SOMERSET – A seedless table or juice grape with excellent flavor. Vigorous and bears heavily small, tight clusters of small, deep red berries. Earliest high quality seedless grape. Ripens: August-Sept.

VALIANT – A blue grape, clusters average 4” in length. Great for juice, jam and table use. Very hardy. Ripens: Late August – Sept.


#1 – $22.95

AURORA– This variety is sweet and large fruit. Similar in flavor to blueberries and producing earlier than strawberries, can be eaten fresh, used for baking, as jams and jellies. A good pollinator for Borealis. Ripens: Early Summer

BOREALIS – This Honeyberrys taste has been compared to blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and black currants. You can eat them fresh, bake into pies or make into jams or jellies. Borealis is an excellent source of antioxidants and Vitamin C. Needs Cinderella for fruit set. Gets 4’ tall. Ripens: Early Summer


5/$48.95 (Ht. 3-4’ x 3-4’ Wide)

BOYNE – Summer bearing, medium acid with aromatic flavor red berry. Vigorous, erect and sturdy. Excellent for canning, freezing and dessert. Very productive and extremely hardy. Ripens: Mid- Late July

BRISTOL BLACK – Black fruit, large, with attractive, fairly glossy skin. Flesh is firm. Berries have excellent quality, good flavor. Good for canning and freezing. Mid Summer bearing. Ripens: Late July

CAROLINE – Most productive. New Fall bearing variety. Fruit is large and flavorable. Earlier than heritage, more resistant to yellow rust and root rot. Ripens: Late Aug/ Early September.

KILLARNEY – Summer bearing. Berries have great aroma and flavor. Excellent for freezing, canning and of course pie! One of the most disease resistant varieties. Very winter hardy. A distinct improvement over ‘Latham’ Ripens: Late July

LATHAM – Summer, large fruit, mild flavor and attractive fruit. Juicy, sweet, fresh eating, processing and freezing. Hardy and vigorous! Ripens: Late June-early July

SOURIS – Summer bearing, an improved red Raspberry compared to the old standard ‘Boyne’ Souris is slightly sweeter & more productive. Ripens: July


#1 – $18.95 1 yr. #1 – $21.95

CANADA – Bright red stems are delicious for sauces
RED and pies. One of the sweetest of the red rhubarb. Perennial


(25) per pot $16.99
*Available in our Nursery JUNEBEARING – These strawberry varieties produce
one large crop in the month of June. Great for fresh,
eating, canning and freezing.

ALL STAR STRAWBERRY – The fruit has excellent flavor and the plant is resistant to veriticillium wilt disease. Produces berries as large as plums! Big, firm, sweet , extra juicy red fruit. Ripens: June- mid to late season.

HONEOYE STRAWBERRY – The red fruit has good flavor and
texture. Vigorous and very productive, bears fruits over a longer period than most varieties. Very hardy. Ripens: June- early to mid season.

SPARKLE STRAWBERRY – A sweet strawberry with glossy, crimson red fruit. Shows good disease resistance. Great for fresh eating, freezing and preserves. Ripens: Late June

WENDY STRAWBERRY– Large, glossy red, wedge-shaped to
conic berries, are firm with bright red flesh and excellent flavor.
Resistant to powdery mildew and red stele. Ripens: June- early bearing.

EVERBEARING – As the name suggests, everbearing
Strawberries allow you to harvest berries all summer
long, producing a spring crop and continuing to bear
throughout the growing season.

FT. LARAMIE STRAWBERRY – Withstands the worst winters
without mulch. Produces huge crops of bright red berries bursting
with juice. Honey-sweet flavor is excellent fresh and for processing!

OZARK BEAUTY STRAWBERRY – The berries are deep red,
firm, and are “just right” in sweetness with a juicy texture. Delicious
fresh or frozen. Bears from June-Sept, with a large initial crop and
a steady crop the rest of the season.